Timeboxed innovation programs

from scoping to proof of concept

We are helping you in innovating your business model by connecting with un-common partners.
We accompany you through 3 phases:
scoping, ideation and proof of concept.
Afterwards you will have a clear view on the opportunity ahead and on who contributed what. That's when you decide together how to go to the market.

6 months from start to finish

Each phase will last 2 months.
This includes the project team's work, the advisory committee's feedback and the decision committee's go. In total we will have a 6 months elapsed period for each of the projects. Multiple projects can be run simultaneously, each with potentially different numbers of participating companies.

simple governance

The Project Team consists out of creative experts from each participating company, they will be co-innovating exiting new business models. The Advisory Committee brings together the senior executives, they will advise the project team on possible improvements and act as a sounding board. The Decision Committee consists out of the decision makers of the participating companies, they decide on the next steps.

timeboxed innovation programs


It's fast ... however so are the disruptive threats.
No point in making it ourselves difficult by procrastinating and spending more than 6 months on scoping; ideation and proofs of concept.
Afterwards you will need to add time to bring the results of your business model innovation alliance into to the market.
Rest assured we will make it hassle-free;
you concentrate on the content - we'll make the process work !