Building meaningful alliances

Driving the current business to its highest possible performance, whilst understanding that it might melt away very quickly, is a haunting thought for many decision makers and stakeholders.

Opportunities looming around the corner seem to be in reach, but in reality the current successful business model and organisation lacks enough speed, elasticity and stamina to wrap itself around new value creation opportunities ... or simply doesn't ‘see’ opportunities nor threats

This is not a token of inefficient or bad management, it’s simply a new complexity - driven by technological and socio-economic changes - with which companies are increasingly confronted.

Multiple roads can be taken towards adaptation and one of the most flexible ones is building alliances with other companies.

Particularly, cooperation with un-common partners from other industries and start-ups enhances the line of sight on new opportunities and enables the exploration and co-creation of innovative new business models.

Alliances can help transform individual business models through previously unforeseen combinations and entirely reshape industry value chains.

it is however easier said than done


The identification of, and co-creation with, un-common partners is in itself ‘un-common’ and requires innovative cooperation frameworks to unleash the full potential at an appropriate speed.

Building an alliance takes time; setting up an array of multiple bi-lateral alliances requires significant investment in resources and effort and, as in any form of cooperation, alliances are also prone to inefficiencies triggered by non-aligned expectations, governance issues or lack of trust.

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