Blockchain for idea protection

Alliances are about people.
And people do need time to build mutual trust before they are comfortable to share ideas and thoughts. Time, however, is a scarce resource.

Our business model innovation alliances are powered by blockchain.

Every idea, each contribution, all meeting minutes, every step will be registered in an immutable way in our permissioned blockchain platform.
This way we offer the comfort of knowing that no misunderstandings can happen on who contributed what.

Full traceabilty

Consider it as a box of Lego blocks, each party has its own color and there is no mistake possible. Any authorised person can check this at any time.

 No time to waste, share your ideas openly
 Look forward ... and back, one straight line
 No matter how many companies work together


Blockchain certificates

No worries you don’t have to be an expert, just upload your files and get an identification key linking the file to you and your company. Also every decision is registered. No surprises.

 Proof of ownership
 Proof of existence
 Proof of integrity

it is not about technology


Together with our hosts we will accompany you and your team in person throughout the journey of the business model innovation alliance.
We will work together; intensively.

However you want to be absolutely sure that your trust is respected and that your ideas do not end up being used without your consent.

We make this possible by giving you immutable proof on anything you have contributed.