Discover a unique business model innovation approach

Building meaningful alliances

Alliances can help transform individual business models through previously unforeseen combinations, and entirely reshape industry value chains. Collaborating with a business from a different sector can open up enticing prospects. Unleashing the value of innovative business models starts here.

Timeboxed innovation programs

Speed & agility are crucial. Without an engine with sufficient thrust more nimble, faster, disruptive unknown adverseries catch up and overtake the viability of existing business models. Here you’ll find a timeboxed governance aimed at enabling partners to get to results in six months.

Blockchain for idea protection

‘Thrust’ is the power of the engine, ‘trust’ is the fuel. Building trust between human beings and organizations is slow. We register in an immutable way ‘who brings what’ and we make the co-creation process transparent and auditable. No risk of loosing your ideas. No reason to wait & see.

How to start?

our alliance hosts connect the dots

Building alliances with trusted partners for structured collaboration is crucial for succes.

 Therefore BMI Alliances partners with established business communities which act as alliance hosts, they match your company with other companies facing the same strategic challenges.

Together with other alliance members you step into an innovation program which takes you from initial idea to a proof of concept.